Weighing In: Week 2 For The Food Diarist

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
After last week's boring post, this week is even more dismal. Probably one of my worst week as I not only go into relapse, I literally come off the bandwagon. Started off so well when I went for that 2 hour gym session but it went downhill after that.

Monday - workout - 2 hours at the gym doing aerobics of all sorts (Zumba, VBox, Step, Funk Off)
Monday - breakfast - leftover pancit palabok and barbecued pork from previous night
Monday - lunch - 150g salty snack (Again. Can't believe I'm blogging about this.)
Monday - dinner - 7pcs KFC zinger wings

So it looks like I'm going worse as the long weekend draws to a close. I am sure glad that on Tuesday we will be back to normal. Although what is exactly normal? Feeling hungry all the time?

Plus, knowing that I've been naughty has made me even naughtier. Look at my menu...salty snacks? KFC? Really?

Weighed myself at the gym on Monday morning and sure enough, I am only down by 0.6kgs from my start-off weight. The 1.3kgs last Sunday was probably just a fluke. A very short-lived happiness.

Tuesday - breakfast - one white hotdog bun
Tuesday - lunch - one KFC breast piece + very hot potato wedges
Tuesday - dinner - brown rice and beef stew
Tuesday - snack - 100g potato stick snack

Wednesday - breakfast - Kellogg's All-Bran flakes + one banana + one plum
Wednesday - lunch - brown rice and beef stew (leftover, ugh!) + one Oreo McFlurry
Wednesday - dinner - 125g salty snack

Thursday - breakfast - Kellogg's All-Bran flakes + one banana
Thursday - lunch - 1/4 oven-cooked chicken breast portion + one plum
Thursday - dinner - white rice and pork tamarind soup (sinigang)

Friday - breakfast - 200g boiled peanuts
Friday - lunch - chinese takeaway consisting of roast chicken + spicy beef + fried calamari
Friday - dinner - same chinese takeaway minus the spicy beef

Saturday - breakfast - brown rice and sauteed mushrooms
Saturday - snack - 200g boiled peanuts
Saturday - lunch - spaghetti with creamy chicken mushroom sauce (2 servings)
Saturday - dinner - potatoes and 250g grilled rump steak

Sunday - breakfast - potatoes and 125g grilled rump steak
Sunday - snack - 75g salty snack
Sunday - lunch - 6pc McNuggets and some french fries
Sunday - dinner - potatoes and sauteed sousou (sayote)

So you can see....I have been very bad. Very bad indeed. Further, I have not been to the gym since Monday as my right leg has been acting up. Probably from too much aerobics action...or just plain lazy. Now what punishment can I give myself? (Although I think blogging about it is punishment enough.)

No weight report until my next trip to the gym scale. Till then.

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