DIY FYI: The First Unit Is Up

Friday, April 15, 2011
This was the first cupboard that went up in our to-be-renovated kitchen - the TALL unit. Notice how tall it is compared next to my youngest? You can't even see the top of the unit from this pic!
We decided to start with this unit as the space was separated from the whole kitchen. This space was used for our fridge, which will go back to its place as soon as the small cupboard (pictured above beside the tall unit) is positioned correctly.
Hubby and I have been hard at work all week putting the cupboards together, although they are not 100% yet as we have not torn down the old units to make space for the new ones. The units have been situated all over our house but mostly in the garage. The new cupbaords will be installed as soon as Easter weekend comes up and hubby and I have time to get rid of everything that is in the kitchen now.
And no, the butterflies are not REALLY on the unit.

P.S. My eldest was trying to make the pictures more lovable. What do you think?

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