Sweet Saturday: A Relationship Filled With Renovations

Friday, April 15, 2011

Today is a Sweet Saturday, where we all join our host, Jona of Heartifying, to talk about the big and small things that we, as couples, do.

For my very first ever Sweet Saturday entry, I will share today what hubby and I have been doing for the last couple of nights after work.

Hubby and I recently decided to renovate our kitchen. The bits and pieces have all been delivered and so currently, we are busy with putting the cupboards together.

It's been a major adventure for us filled with a lot of speculation and wishful hope. Speculating which piece goes where to make the cupboards what they have to be. Wishful hope that all the pieces are actually put together right and that we don't end up with a triangular cupboard.

So far so good.

Although it seems like a lot of hard work ahead of us, I think this kitchen renovation time is actually a good  bonding moment for me and my hubby. Not to mention that it feels so good to know we are working towards a common goal. I suppose we'll probably have our small fights and some personal differences may still surface while we hammer a few cupboards in, but I definitely can't wait for the finishing touches and that sense of achievement between us once this is all done.

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2 caring thoughts:

  1. Janice said...:

    You're right, that is a great bonding moment. Everything is fun when you do it together. :D

    Here's my entry: http://flippertail.blogspot.com/2011/04/sweet-saturday-chillin-in-baguio.html

  1. jeng said...:

    Sometimes even the simple things really are an opportunity to bond with our loved ones. : ) Nice work by the way ; )