DIY FYI: A Kitchen Puzzle And The Cupboard Pieces

Friday, April 8, 2011
So we ordered the kitchen cupboards for our planned kitchen renovation and they came in forms that we didn't quite expect. Well, okay, we knew they were coming in pieces but there were just sooooo many.

Hubby and I tried to make sense of how each cupboard was made up. It took us 3 whole night of at least 3 hours each sorting all the ready-cut wood out.

Hubby needed my creative genes to figure out how to bring the pieces together to make them into the cupboards that they should be. And of course, I needed hubby's muscles to put them back and forth and back and forth. With our ingenious ways of doing the kitchen renovation, this should make for some funky and interesting cupboard pieces.

 Ho-hum! from tiredness. I am ready to sleep it all out from here. We're starting the real-deal putting together on the weekend. Hubby will be ready with his handheld cordless drill....and I will come prepared with my tiny sticky super glue. LOL.

Watch this space for the update!

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