Writer's Workshop: Finally, Fame!

Thursday, April 7, 2011
Mama’s Losin’ It

For Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt #1: Your 15 minutes of fame

The following video is dark and gloomy but hopefully this will not deter your interest to find out what is playing on the other side of it. We really wanted fame (and maybe some fortune) but decided, when the cameras started rolling, that we were just too shy to show our faces. Sorry.

I am sharing the limelight (or lack of it anyway) with my daughter, who has never had any keyboard training in her life. She is a self-taught Youtube student so please judge not too harshly. Also, 15 minutes I felt was way too long and just over 3 minutes and a half between the two of us is better :-) Don't wanna bore you guys to death.

Our claim to fame is a cover of One Republic and Sara Bareilles "Come Home". Enjoy!

6 caring thoughts:

  1. Claire said...:

    oh wow! i admire your good voice as well as your daughter's talent. it's my first time to hear this song. i love it. so touching for me. thank you for sharing.

  1. You're still braver than I am, so kudos to you:)

  1. Danielle said...:

    Great song! Thanks for sharing!

  1. Dianna said...:

    That's great that your daughter learned the keyboard on you-tube! Love your voices!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today and commenting. Come back often!

  1. jared's mum said...:

    great talent!i once dreamed of becoming a singer + piano player...following you now, btw:)

  1. Jenna said...:

    very cool, glad i came by on the mamakat linkup!