Novice Blogging - Note #23 (Badges Part 2)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
After learning 2 weeks ago how to upload and get an HTML code for your badge, we now tackle the Blogger Design side of how to display the badge onto your blogsite.

Once you have logged onto your Blogger account:
- press the Design tab on the blog that you want to add the badge to
- press Add A Gadget
- select HTML/Javascript
- paste the HTML code that you have gotten from the picture site (like Photobucket) onto the space provided

Now the pasted code must read like this, exchanging the words in red with your website address (URL) and the words in green with the name of your blog. Then, the words in blue must be added in: 
Remember that the (name of your picture) refers to the URL of your picture from Photobucket. It does not mean that you must type it the way it is exactly but rather insert the URL of your picture on this space.

Once you are done, the end result should be that your badge is displayed on your site and the HTML code to copy your badge is also displayed on your site like so:

I've customised it a bit and given it a Grab My Badge title.

See what you can do with yours. :-)

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