Weighing In: Week 6 For The Food Diarist

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
If ever I am to be successful, this would be the week........

The start of the attack of the public holidays is upon us. Meaning that there would be more time for me to hit the gym. Or it could be just more reason for me to lie in bed. Either way, out of the next 2 weeks, I would stay at home 8 days. Not straight-through, but nevertheless, the holidays are almost right next to each other.

Monday - breakfast - Kellogg's All-Bran flakes with one banana
Monday - lunch - a quarter chicken breast portion with peri-peri potato wedges
Monday - dinner - white rice and sauteed chicken and green beans
Monday - snack - 100g potato sticks

Tuesday - breakfast - dried mangoes
Tuesday - lunch - 100g potato sticks and an Oreo McFlurry
Tuesday - dinner - chicken macaroni soup (sopas)

Wednesday - breakfast - Kellogg's All-Bran flakes with one banana and full cream milk
Wednesday - lunch - quarter chicken breast and chicken macaroni soup (sopas)
Wednesday - dinner - 2-minute beef noodles
Wednesday - snack - cheesy snack

Thursday - breakfast - Kellogg's All-Bran flakes with one banana and low fat milk
Thursday - lunch - white rice, spicy fried calamari, spicy beef, roasted chicken pieces
Thursday - dinner - white rice, spicy fried calamari, roasted chicken pieces

Friday - breakfast - 2 fried eggs
Friday- lunch - brown rice and char siu barbecued pork (asado)
Friday - dinner - more char siu barbecued pork (asado) and an Oreo McFlurry

Saturday - workout - 1 hour step aerobics class
Saturday - breakfast - Kellogg's All-Bran flakes with one banana and full cream milk
Saturday - lunch - french fries only
Saturday - dinner - 6 pcs KFC zinger wings

Sunday - workout - 20 mins fast walking and 10 mins cycling
Sunday - no breakfast
Sunday - lunch - 3 slices of pizza
Sunday - dinner - beef fried noodles and 3 pcs sweet and sour pork

My eating habits continue to be erratic. Especially now that we are currently renovating our kitchen, there is literally no cooking at the house. At least I am getting the workout during my off days. I weighed in on Sunday and the gym scale tells me I am 0.1kgs over my starting weight. I was kinda hoping that I had hit lower than that but I suppose the weight is going the right way, which is down.

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