DIY FYI: Holes Where You Don't Need Em

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Oh, the hazards of being Handy Mary!

Amidst the putting together and putting up of the cupboards, I felt that my hubby was moving too slow for my liking. I decided to "help" him by marking where the door handles were gonna be. And later, still feeling he was going about it slowly, I went on to drill the holes myself.

Imagine my hubby's surprise when he put up this one gigantic cupboard and he realises that the handles between the left and right doors were uneven!

The result was a re-marking and re-drilling.......and 2 small holes where they shouldn't be. :-(

We are holes. Can you see us?
P.S. Hubby did say I need not worry as the holes were fixable with the help of a little coloured putty.

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