Weighing In: Week 9 For The Food Diarist

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
So we start of another week with yet renewed faith. I wish I could feel all week like I do every Monday morning. It's true what they say that you must always start anything at the beginning of the week. I believe that. It's the ending part that remains hard for me. I always fall off the bandwagon somewhere along the way. And so, at the start of the next week, I am starting again.

With all this start and stop, I've also sorta decided not to continue the food diary in this fashion. It is just TOO boring to read. I think I will just do the updates on regular interval and blog about it quarterly or bi-yearly or something. I will endeavour that next week will be the last weekly food diary post till I have something new to report. :-) Wow! This sounds like the penultimate post, haha.

So this week's daily intake and output in review:

Monday - breakfast - Kellogg's All-Bran flakes with one banana
Monday - lunch - vermicelli noodles with chicken pieces and carrots
Monday - snack - 10 strips of dried mango
Monday - dinner - pork and green beans tamarind stew (sinigang)

Tuesday - breakfast - 15 strips of dried mango
Tuesday - would you believe I forgot to eat lunch?
Tuesday - snack - 10 strips of dried mango
Tuesday - dinner - white rice + 2 fried chicken wings + sauteed sousou (sayote)

Wednesday - breakfast - 10 strips of dried mango
Wednesday - lunch - 2 minute noodles
Wednesday - dinner - pork adobo (cooked in soya sauce, garlic and vinegar) + white rice

Thursday - breakfast - Kellogg's All-Bran flakes with one banana
Thursday - no proper lunch due to work constraints, I had a few strips of dried mango
Thursday - dinner - brown rice + pork menudo (tomato sauce marinade)
Thursday - snack - 50g salty snack

Friday - breakfast - 200g boiled peanuts
Friday - lunch - mild strips and spicy rice
Friday - dinner - 6pcs zinger wings + brown rice
Friday - snack - 50g cheesy snack

Saturday - workout - 1 hour aerobics step class
Saturday - breakfast - 3pcs zinger wings
Saturday - lunch - 125g sweet thai chilli flavoured Lays potato chips
Saturday - dinner - 4pcs McNuggets + a small portion of french fries

Sunday - breakfast - one sunny side up egg and scrambled egg and 2 cheesegrillers and brown rice
Sunday - lunch - one apple
Sunday - dinner - brown rice and chinese barbecued pork portion (char siu)
Can't exactly vouch for all that I've recorded here as I lost some of my posts when Blogger crashed on Thursday. I tried to remember and hoped that the food that I ate are all as I've posted here. I don't really want to cheat.

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