Old Topic Reposted: Mother's Day Gesture

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Mother's Day is coming up and so I found myself reminiscing about old Mother's Day appreciations I've received from my kids. Here's one of them oldie :-)

The Friday before the Mother’s Day (May 11, 2007), I was late coming home from work. As soon as I had stepped into our kitchen door and announced my arrival, my youngest daughter came rushing to me with a card in her hand. This is what I got:
White paper folded to shape like a flower and a straw for the stem
And inside it had a stuck-on message that went like this: THE PERFECT GIFT - A HUG! Relieves tension, Improves Blood Flow, Reduces Stress, Non-polluting, Helps Self-Esteem, Generates Goodwill, Absolutely NO cost, No batteries required, Non-taxable, Silent performance, Extremely personal, Fully returnable GET ONE TODAY! (It’s a bit blurry from these jpg files…)

All this from a 3-year-old who can barely talk, let alone read what she has given me. I thank my child with a lump in my throat, asked her how the playschool was that afternoon and who made the card. "Teacher did it", she answers. I thank her again and to end the touching episode, I get the perfect gift - a hug from my daughter as she wraps her tiny arms around my right leg, "Wuv u mommy".

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