Weighing In: Week 7 For The Food Diarist

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
This week we continue to be besieged with public holidays. The Monday and the Wednesday are off days for me. Not to mention that the following Monday (not part of this week's food diary) is yet another day to goof off. All I can say is.....yehey!

We are currently busy with the kitchen renovation at home and so if my food rations looked a bit erratic than normal, it is because it has been difficult to choose what fastfood to eat as nothing could be home-cooked.

Monday - workout - 2 hours step/vbox aerobics class at the gym (what a way to start!)
Monday - breakfast - 75g sweet thai chilli lays potato chips (and there I go doing bad habits again!)
Monday - lunch - brown rice and 5 pieces of medium-size butter-sauteed prawns
Monday - dinner - 2 mins noodles
Monday - snack - 100g bugles (very similar to potato chips, they are not good when eaten too much)

Tuesday - morning - dried mangoes
Tuesday - lunch - half of a strips and spicy rice order at Nando's
Tuesday - dinner - 100g potato sticks snack

Wednesday - morning - scrambled eggs, one sausage, mushrooms and brown toast
Wednesday - no lunch
Wednesday - dinner - 8pcs KFC Zinger wings and half a Magnum ice cream

I never thought I'd say this but I am starting to get tired of the takeaway food. I wish we'd finish the kitchen by now but our tentative end date is only next week Monday. More takeaway stories coming my way.

Thursday - breakfast - dried mangoes, Kellogg's All-Bran flakes with one banana and full cream milk
Thursday - lunch - Oreo McFlurry (???)
Thursday - dinner - brown rice, seafoods galore (grilled hake, grilled calamari tubes, 3pcs of small prawns, some fried calamari heads)
Thursday - snack - 50g cheesy snack

Friday - breakfast - Kellogg's All-Bran flakes with one banana and full cream milk
Friday - lunch - Nando's mild strips and spicy rice
Friday - dinner - brown rice and sauteed pork mince and potato (homecooked meal, finally!)

Saturday - breakfast - 3 cheese sausage and a KitKat bar
Saturday - lunch - 4pcs KFC zinger wings
Saturday - dinner - 3pcs KFC zinger wings and some green beans in soup

We were going to a christening party on the Sunday and so I planned not to eat too much.

Sunday - workout - 40mins cardio fast-walking
Sunday - no breakfast
Sunday - lunch - chow mein noodles and one piece barbecued pork strip and one piece barbecued chicken wing
Sunday - dinner - microwaved popcorn
I weighed at the gym and after 2 long weeks, I am back exactly where I started. I weighed my original starting weight. Here's hoping it goes downhill (?) from here. What I meant was that the weight should go down from here.

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