Baby Walkers, Bassinets Strollers and Baby Crib Beddings

Friday, June 10, 2011
I recently visited my BFF one late afternoon and was amazed at all the things that have become "necessities" when it comes to babies nowadays. I must say that her house at the moment, looks more like a jungle gym than anything else. She is a first-time mother and truly adores her little kid. I look around her home and reminisced about when my kids were just babes and the things that they had. Some of the "necessary" things I noticed were:

When my kids were young, I did not have the opportunity to use baby walkers. Not that I didn't want to. They were just not affordable to me at the time. So you could say that my children crawled their way to learn to walk.

2. A bassinet stroller

I must admit, this was one item that I worked to death when I became mom. I highly recommend a bassinet stroller as a great tool when it comes to babies. My children were never used to being carried around....they were strolled around for ages. It doubled as a race car for my kids as I lulled them to sleep most nights.

Baby cribs, of course, need their own beddings. I see that black and white are the "in" colours. Maybe because they are neutral and could suit either a boy's or a girl's baby room. Mine had been white lace and pink edgings. But then, it's not a surprise. I had girls both times I was pregnant.

Of course, these were just some of the items. There were many more.

Oh, the thrill and joy of being a mother knows no end....especially when it comes to shopping for new things!

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