Pretty Pictures Tell Me....Part Two

Monday, June 13, 2011
Well, it was bound to happen. My youngest has been on a creativity blitz these past few days.

Of course, when I started with the first post about pretty pictures, I knew those were not the last I've seen of them. There are probably a lot more coming through the years, I only just need to wait.

I have now been presented with another set of drawing that I think is worthy enough to grace this blog. But, of course, every single sketch that my child makes is worthy of this blog, she's the whole point of it, ain't she?

The easiest thing was that she drew her inspiration from things she sees around her. The subject of her sketch this time was a stuffed spotted giraffe. Her attention to detail is so meticulous, even down to the small tag attached on the stuffed toy (a NICI tag).

These drawings were so much in likeness that I am starting to wonder if I've got mini-Michelangelo living under my roof. Hahahaha........

For lack of favouritsm, I would like to mention that my eldest is also a Picasso (or Rembrandt)....but I suppose, that would be worthy enough for another post.

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