A Concert Date With The Script

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
One night only. In Johannesburg. Live.

Who would've thought that this Irish band could muster up 18,300 people in one place? The biggest crowd ever to be gathered at The Dome (where the concert was held) and the biggest crowd that The Script had ever performed to. But if you had been there, it would not have been any wonder.

The Script went on stage at around 21h00. And song after song, they did not stop to amaze. Their sound was as enigmatic and haunting as could be expected. Their songs are extremely popular in the South African airwaves at the moment. A lot of fans were singing along to their tunes. Me not excluded.

I think it was in the song "The Man Who Can't Be Moved", when the lead singer, Danny, urged the crowd to sing along. And sang along they did. The crowd ended up singing the whole song with him. It was such a humbling scene. You could see it in his eyes, how appreciative he was of the moment.

This is what The Script had to say about us....

Danny even ventured down to the Golden Circle area thrice to the amusement of fans. These were the times I wished I had gotten Golden Circle tickets instead of my seated ones. :-(

The lead guitarist, Mark, was also quite the entertainer with his little anecdotes on stage. He would go ahead and tell the story of how each song was born and written and what inspired them.

I was also specially captivated with the lighting effects on stage as the lights seem to emote and flow with the songs.

I was slightly amazed as I really ended up truly enjoying the whole experience. And although I've always liked their songs (see one particular post about "Nothing"), I thought this was just gonna be another teen scene. How wrong I was.

At the end of the show, Mark, the guitarist, asked if he could twitpic us, the audience. And the next day, I saw this on their tweet profile!

How awesome it must be to be part of this! And I was! And of course I feel awesome!

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