Girls Talk - My (Al)Most Memorable HS Moment

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In my younger days, I used to be a big fan of the Philippine Megastar, Ms. Sharon Cuneta.

And you are probably wondering what she is doing being mentioned in this post.

I bring her into this week's Girls Talk theme as we are supposed to recount our most memorable high school moment. Who could ever forget her song "High School Life"?

I envisage that my most memorable high school moment would be the day that I say goodbye to my fellow mates, who I've spent the last four years with, filled with ups and downs of student life. We would be gathered on the school quadrangle for the last time. Together we will sing the national anthem and Ms. Cuneta's landmark song (as mentioned above), with tears streaming down our faces. We feel hope as new beginnings are in the horizon for us but sad at the same time, because we simply cannot take everybody who've been a part of our lives with us. Some friendships will continue and others won't. But for that moment in time, we all enjoy the bond of being graduates together.

I did not get to see this momentous day with my classmates in the Philippines. I left school at the end of third year. And all by my lonesome in a new country, I felt really sad. I guess by this time you could say that my most memorable moment was not getting my memorable moment.

Teka, time out muna. Nakakaiyak na ba? (Wait, time out first. Is it getting melodramatic already?)

Okay, I shall not leave the story like that. As I did get my goodbye with my mates anyway. Although I probably did not realise that time that it was the last time I was gonna see them.

When school closed at the end of third year, we went on a class outing to a beach in Bataan. I was glad that I got my aunt's permission to go (as I rarely do). We spent the whole day at the beach, not necessarily beach swimming, but more or less, student bonding. It was a "dusk till dawn" event. My memory fails me again as to the exact details of that day but all I can remember was that I was happy and carefree. And that's all that really mattered.

It was my equivalent of a most memorable high school moment.

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Borrowed the photo from a very good old friend on Facebook.
Not very clear....but truly memorable. This was my last photo
taken in the Philippines as well, when I was this young anyway.

7 caring thoughts:

  1. Halie said...:

    How sad that you weren't able to see your friends march with you during graduation. But I guess it was still a happy moment since you were able to make new friends.

  1. Gilay said...:

    iTS really dsad to say goodbye... not it`s not forever...

  1. lyzacruz88 said...:

    It's so nice to look back at old high school memories :)

  1. march on... said...:

    oo nga sad. even for me who saw some classmates not being able to continue in our school to migrate or because of academic/financial problems, it felt sad :( thanks for sharing

  1. Shawie Girl said...:

    kinda sad but still memorable moments for you. thanks a lot for sharing! happy gt!

  1. simply kim said...:

    love the photo, girl. it says everything you'd want to tell us if you were given the chance..

    MY ENTRY is here!

  1. aww..that's too bad you weren't able to graduate with your friends here. but hey, your beach swimming sounded fun. i hope that when you go home here in the Phils, you will be able to organize a reunion and catch up :)