New Baby On The Block

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
We recently had a get-together with some of our close family friends. In my circle of friends, my youngest has been the youngest kid (among all of my friends' children) for the longest time.

But now, the time has come, she has been replaced.

My BFF, who is a new mom, brought her baby son along to the get-together. He is just over 9 months old and simply adorable. My daughters were quite taken with him. My youngest the more so. She went up to her room quite a few times to bring down some of her plush toys for him to play with.
Everybody MUST be in the picture - MZ, Baby, Missy and Teddy B as well.

This is very rare as we always thought that being the youngest in the family (as well), she had this streak of being a spoiled last-born princess. Which sometimes she does. She is the one being shared with, she is the one being pampered, she is the one being listened to, she's the star of the show.......and so it goes.

Anyway, we definitely like this newfound sense of responsibility that seems to have washed over her. Fleeting as it may have been. As soon as the other older kids arrived at the get-together, her attention span went to them and what games they were gonna play, hehehe.

But she does switch onto her "big sister" mode whenever this new kid on the block is around. That's good enough for now. I'm sure it will improve. I think it also helps that we call her "ate" (big sister) in front of him. He gets to learn a Filipino custom (of calling elders "big sister, big brother") as she learns to like the idea that she is not "the baby" anymore.

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