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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I have been absent from the Girls Talk scene for a few weeks due to some personal issues. I thought to take a hiatus for the month of July but found that I simply could not wait till August. I just had to blog or I shall go mad. So here I am, my fellow Girl Talkers, back with a vengeance :-)

So good to actually have made it still for the last topic for the month of July - Best Birthday Ever. So what constitutes making a birthday the best ever? I'll say! I can't even remember much glamour happening on my last few birthdays.

On my last birthday, I took time off from work that day to spend it all like this: Started the day by going to the gym. Drove around and did some errands. Went to visit my BFF around lunch time and ate some KFCs. Spent time a bit with her and then went home. Later that night, the family had its usual birthday tradition of celebrations by eating dinner out - at our favourite seafood place. And that was it. Not much hey? It sounds very normal, and ho-hum very boring.

And yet, I really think those are the best birthdays ever. Simple. Inexpensive. And filled to the brim with quality time with family and friends. Best of all, I had "me" time as well. What can I ask for more?

Someday, I suppose I'll want to have my balloons and cakes and lavish gifts. Maybe on my 50th. For now, I'll settle for the boring kind. Which reminds me that I have to be thinking about how to celebrate my anniversary today. Probably do it the boring way again.

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7 caring thoughts:

  1. march on... said...:

    Hey, why not start with balloons today! :0 I guess when we get older, birthdays become a normal thing unless you're Tessa Prieto who always celebrates her bday with a bang! :0

  1. Wena said...:

    nothing beats spending quality time with our loved ones during the most important occasion in our life. simple and inexpensive yet filled with happiness!!! :)

  1. Rcel said...:

    Sounds not boring to me, because it's my typical birthday celebration, too. :) I think that was still a great day!

    As for me, TURNING 28 ON THE 28th happens once in my life only, and so it was my best birthday ever! :)

  1. jellybelly said...:

    It's not boring because you did what you wanted to do and had some much needed "me" time. I did that too some of my birthdays. Just spent the day doing what I couldn't do on weekdays.

    <a href=">The Twerp and I</a>

  1. eii!! try mo mag balloons sis!! hihi just stay happy!! same with you, pag birthday ko kahit gano kadaming pending work loads eh nag leave talaga ako!!!

    >> just spend your birthday the way yu want it to be. stay happy and the rest will follow!!!

  1. Joy Mendiola said...:

    cheer up, life's too short not to enjoy , here's my entry ...

  1. far from boring dear! i think the best birthdays are those celebrated simply and with the family. *hugs*