Novice Blogging - Note #28 (Business in Blogging)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Funny that the first thing that comes to mind at this very moment is that unforgettable scene in the movie Jerry Maguire, where Jerry Maguire (played wonderfully by Tom Cruise) is screaming into the phone, "Show me the moneeyyyyy!!!!"

And with blogging, it probably works very much the same. Most bloggers normally make money writing product reviews and selling ad spaces on their websites.

Although my main intention for starting my blogs have not been of financial nature, I must admit that it did cross my mind to make monies of it several times, after reading some of my fellow bloggers' comments and posts about it.

I've recently dabbled on this side of blogging when I registered both my blogs on Blogsvertise, a website specialising in connecting advertisers to bloggers.

Also recently, I got my very first review assignment, wherein I was asked to write anything about the products I was presented. I was thrilled! I set to work immediately and published my post the very same day.

Afterwards, I submitted my entry to Blogsvertise for approval and within 2 days, the post was approved. Weeeeh! My very first money-making post. I was really chuffed.

So, I am pretty sure that if any of you, my fellow novice bloggers out there, are thinking of mixing business and blogging, that there is really some serious money to be found.

Ka-ching to us all!

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