Undomesticated Goddess Does Separation

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

But really, guys, I am honestly not all that bad. Somewhere deep down inside, I wouldn't mind showing my face once in a while in the kitchen.

On a recent occasion, my eldest daughter wanted to learn to cook some leche flan (creme caramel or caramel custard). So being the so-called "expert", I opened my laptop to the Panlasang Pinoy website, searched for the recipe and proceeded to teach my eldest how it is to make this dessert.

You will notice that in the picture below, I am in the kitchen, breaking the eggs and separating the whites from the yellow. Take note. I am in the kitchen. No police lines cordoning off that says "Do Not Cross This Line". I am actually in the kitchen! Of course, there were no tools in sight, not even an egg separator (because you never know what I can get up to even with just an egg separator). It is always a good sign not to give me anything that can be treated as a weapon when I'm around the kitchen area.

After the egg separations, I gave the reins to my eldest to mix the other ingredients in and steam the flans. The results were never in doubt. The flans were fantastic in all shape and taste!

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