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Wednesday, August 10, 2011
The newest English words I have learnt recently.....

I was listening to the radio one morning while I was driving to work, while the DJs at a local station were talking about tattoos and their effects on people's images. The words TRAMP STAMP came up and I wondered what it was. For a moment there, I was lost. I knew what a TRAMP was and what a STAMP was, but what was TRAMP STAMP?

According to Wikipedia, TRAMP STAMP is slang for lower back tattoo. A tattoo in the lower back apparently denotes naughtiness and promiscuity, that's why it was commonly referred to as TRAMP STAMP. Fancy that.
Not my photo...It's Barbie's x-rated back side

Even Barbie had a TRAMP STAMP in 2009. See hers above :-) Kids, please do not try this at home.

Me, I would have just referred to it as the "Tattoo By The Butt".

My share for Girls Talk.

11 caring thoughts:

  1. Mirage said...:

    oww, thank you for that...a talk for the younger gen but it's also nice to know esp my daughter is getting into the teen years soon hihi

  1. Mikimoto Angel said...:

    Oh. so that's the actual term for a lower back tattoo. :-)

    I would like to share the new word I learned too. :-)

  1. Rachelle said...:

    Now I know what that means! I hope my daughter won't get when she grows up. hehe..
    visiting you for GT!

  1. ako naman Sis lower back tattoo. yun talaga alam ko!! salamat sa tram stamp mo hihi

  1. miratemplen said...:

    Yeah, I heard about that :) I't supposedly sexy (but no longer in a good way) for a girl to have a tatt on her lower back, because it invites people to look.

    Cute image by the way. :D


  1. Wena said...:

    thanks for teaching us other term for tattoo :)

    Happy GT!

  1. Gene said...:

    LOL! Barbie is such a toot! I'm about to say a bad word. I love tattoos but the thought of putting a permanent ink on my lower back is not appealing to me. Women mostly prefer that location to attract attention from men, thus the term tramp stamp. They are no different from women who wears thongs that are visible above their jeans. Walang class for me.

    Happy GT!

  1. Jona said...:

    language do evolve as well :)

  1. balatsibuyas said...:

    cute naman ng tattoo ni barbie.

  1. Rcel said...:

    Yeah, yeah-- tattoo by the butt or tattoo ON the butt! LOL. Hmm... now you let me learned this too! Haha.

    Ako naman, I learned the word "ICHI" this week, thanks to my teaching daughter! Lol. Hope to see you at my entry if you got a chance! ;-)

  1. niahehe. i once had a henna tattoo jan sa area na yan when i was young and unthinking. LOL. hindi ko alam tramp stamp pala tawag. now i know :D