Weighing In: New Feasible Diet

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
It has been a while since my last "weigh in".

I am hungry, er happy to announce that I am currently in the midst of a new diet. I do not know what this new diet is called. I don't even think it is valid as a diet because everything is on the menu; it is more like a plate, er play, on foods.

Be warned though that this is not (not yet anyway) my actual menu. I borrowed it from a friend, for whom this menu actually worked. She gave me the workings and I followed it for 8 days. And I must say, that the menu is eat-able. I have now made the decision to see the same dietitian (my friend's dietitian) to get my own proper menu.

The diet was that everything can be eaten but they all had to be measured and weighed before going into your mouth. My first 3 days were not too bad although I realised on the first day, when I weighed the chicken I was supposed to eat at lunch, that a 1/4 chicken is way, way too big a portion. I simply could not believe this at first.

So all throughout my 8 days, I went through the emotions of surprise, denial, desperation and acceptance. My 5th and 6th day were especially hard as my mind kept telling me I was starving. But the order of the day was just to sleep it off. And so I did and went to bed early.

I don't know if I'll be successful as it's too early to tell. But I can definitely see some promise in this diet if I keep going. In those 8 days alone, I have lost just over 1kg. And there are many more to lose. So wish me luck on this. That I finally stick with it.

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