Girls Talk - Favourite Word

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I will totally concur with our Girls Talk host, Kaye, on this topic. It is simply too difficult to choose just one word. For Girls Talk this month, we will be celebrating our love of words (as bloggers) and for this week, we showcase our most favourite word.

I will choose something simple and say that my favourite word is "Yeah". What a word, hey? Trust me and my love of music to take a word that is way over-used in the music business.

A little story behind this word for me:
I remember when I first started working professionally that I used this word a lot when asked if I'd already done a certain job or have I followed up something. Just goes to show that in my line of work, I have to answer too many yes and no questions, haha.

One day, a colleague commented that he just loved the way I answered because I said "yeah" with such an American accent. Of course, in South Africa, most of them have British accents and so my "yeah" really stood out.

After many, many years in my adopted African country, I have yet to lose my accent. And I still love answering most things "yeah"!

So, yeah....that's my word!

P.S. Hubby disagrees with this post as he says my favourite word is "Dy", which is the last syllable of his name. He tells me that I can't resist using this word because I can't stop looking for him when he is out of my sight or that I like to find things for him to do (when I am in slave-driver wife mode).

9 caring thoughts:

  1. Mirage said...:

    True...hard to choose so I had two words for my post ;) It's sweet if you do have your husband's name for a favorite ahaha!

  1. imriz said...:

    i'm interested to hear ur brit accent on the word...great post here:)

  1. Mira said...:

    Haha, I use "yeah" a lot too. It's very handy in a conversation when you don't really know what to say but you want to keep things going.

  1. ferry'zWILL said...:

    haha!! nice one!!! ang dami ko namang tawa Sis Mj!! bwahaha!! infaireness ang lufet ni "DY" ahh!!! hihi.. pero baka naman tama sya Sis!! baka naman nag kakamali sa choice of word mo!!

    >> so "yeah" here's my comment to your post, oh!! yeah!! hihi

  1. march on... said...:

    haha! your husband is a funny man. Thanks for sharing. I have overused word too :)

  1. zoan said...:

    hmmmm I want to hear how you say it, perhaps you can share your voice here? ehehe

    yeah, yeah, yeah! I am singin. eheh

    mine is up herE:

  1. Hahaha... Lovely post!
    I would agree on the word "Yeah". A word so used a lot of times!

    And as per husbands... they always do that, lol.
    See you next week!

  1. chie101 said...:

    i would love to hear you too saying 'yeah''s my first visit here from GT

    mine's here

  1. hee hee. your husband's funny! the word "yeah" is not something i say out loud a lot. i prefer "yep". :D