What I Know For Sure: Better Than Bitter

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Gawd! What a startling discovery I made recently when an old colleague contacted me. My reaction to her request can only be described, as Oprah would put it, an “A-ha!” moment for me.
Old colleagues became wary of me after I left the old workplace two years ago, thinking me the disgruntled employee who will avenge whatever. And I suppose, to some extent, I did not blame them for thinking such. Nor did I try and convince them otherwise. I was on the vestige of positivity. People and circumstances had let me down; In fact, I still remember the hurt and frustration each time I think about that time.
So it was quite astonishing to be contacted for some assistance with regards anything about my old job. My colleague wanted to find out if I knew the mechanics of a certain apparatus that I used to have in my office.
I debated whether to assist or not. Somehow, the tempting thought did cross my mind that I could just keep quiet about it. After all, it’s their problem, not mine. After all they’ve put me through, a little inconvenience like this could really make the “bitter” me really happy (evil laugh filtering through the air BWAHAHAHAHA)!
But I chose to help. However much I can. And I did just that.
In the end, what I know for sure was that….I was better than the embittered person these people painted me out to be. Way, way better.
Lately I mostly hear myself saying that I have moved on and I am soooo over my old job. But this time, my heart truly believes it.

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