I'm Back, I'm Back....Yes, I'm Back

Monday, November 28, 2011
So the storm of examinations is finally over on my side. After going through a gigantic, last-minute cramming session, the day came and passed and the CIMA P2 exam was over.

Good or bad result, it was definitely something. I would like to say that I'm confident about the outcome. But I never am sure when it comes to these things. When did we get to the stage of studying where we can't even determine if the answer is definitely correct? My studies nowadays normally says that if you are able to explain and show how you got to your answers that you will get marks for it anyways. Odd, a "definitely maybe" answer. LOL.

One thing that is not a "definitely maybe" is that I am back to blogging. Yes, of course, until the next set of exams again. But that's sooo many months from now. I do need the study break every now and then.

Now that the storm has "temporarily" passed, it is time to turn my attention to serious matters of motherhood and to the quirky life on the African continent.

Watch out! I'm back with a zing.

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