Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Wowowee! Almost every single letter in the title of this post is in CAPS. It feels like the words are being screamed at you: "Hey, you! Look at me! I'm new and great!"

And just like the maddening words, the HD PVR 2P impressed.

This decoder/PVR model has been out for a while now, actually since May 2010. But the family only plucked up the courage to do the purchase now. In truth, I probably forgot to mention that our old DSTV decoder (a very old model who shall not be named) conked out on us one evening. This simple event took us right back to the Middle Ages where sticks and stones had to be used to create fire. I had visions of kids jumping up and down on the bed and hubby cooking up batches of stews and steaks all for entertainment...I knew we could not go on without satellite TV for the next 24 hours.

The HD PVR 2P is a smaller (cheaper) version of the HD PVR. As the name states, it works well with other HD (High Definition) equipments, like TV, DVD players, etc. It lets you watch a channel and record another at the same time. It also lets you connect a second decoder to the PVR and be able to watch a second channel at another TV (this is called the ExtraView) a small extra fee, of course.

So far, I have been delighted with my purchase. So delighted that I've also bought a DSD1131 decoder to play as my second decoder. I had some "fun" connecting the ExtraView as well, but that's probably good enough for another post.

So if you're thinking of christmas gifts to oneself, this won't be a bad choice at all. Affordable too. For more, visit DSTV.

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