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Thursday, December 1, 2011
Boy, has my youngest laid it on thick! There is no bigger pressure in the world than mommy pressure.

My youngest had a school project a few weeks ago where she had to create a birthday invitation. She brought it home and showed it to me. Quite the right timing as well as her birthday was coming up.

Sample of Missy's invite
"A birthday invitation: You are invited to Missy's 8th birthday at the Spur on 5 December from 8:00. Please bring your costume."

I felt a slight pang of guilt. I have not given her a proper birthday party in the last few years. I felt scrutinised with some other type of peer pressure as my youngest looked at me expectingly. But of course I knew my youngest was not doing anything at all. The feeling was all in my head. I was ashamed in thinking that I've been depriving her of a birthday celebration befitting a young kid her age.

The next day I was on the phone to her venue of choice, the Spur.

The Spur is a South African steakhouse, specializing in steaks and grills. What was nice was that the Spur catered for kids' birthday parties. They had jungle gyms and a computer room/entertainment area for the kids to play in.

I was very lucky to have been able to book the venue the Sunday noon before my child's actual birthday, which was on a Monday. I think I would have been crushed more than her if I had not been able to book, knowing of course that I should have arranged this long ago.

I told my youngest that night. We worked on her birthday invitation. The real ones this time. She was ecstatic. And for a little while, mommy pressure was off until the next load :-)

Have you ever felt precious mommy pressure moments?

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8 caring thoughts:

  1. Hazel said...:

    Oh yes I did :) It was all about a silly cake which my son didn't like. Flowers decorated it, not his Ultramen, lol! A tantrum was simmering while the party was about to start. In desperation I promised him Hongkong Disneyland for his next birthday on the spot in exchange for normal behavior at his present birthday. Napasubo tuloy ako sa Hongkong na yan.

    So glad things turned out very nicely for your youngest and yourself. The Spur sounds like a very interesting place. I might check it out. Thanks.

  1. Shydub said...:

    your daughter has definitely grown up right before your eyes, minsan tayong mga nanay may separation anxiety because we scared to take them out of our eyes. iwan ko lng kong lalaki na tong mga anakins ko and start getting invites from friends hehe

  1. tatess said...:

    i always feel that pressure with my oldest son .he has lots of plans before his birthday comes.I just tell him beforehand that we can have it if we can afford it and he understands me. His last birthday wish was a kindle fire. he got it as a bday present.he said "thank you mommy" from time to time.

  1. Rcel said...:

    i've pondered on this thought of not giving or kids special parties on their birthdays. we grew up not having one-- me and my husband, and so with our daughter, i feel like i have to give her a celebration every year as a gratitude for every year that she is blessed with. oh no, we don't have any huge event at all. just a simple family and friends get together, with a cake and a candle to blow is enough. your daughter is simply amazing teaching you to "start" that birthday celebration now. :)

  1. Tetcha said...:

    I felt mommy pressure many times, especially when I'm spending too much time working, and my son would always ask me, "Are you done, Mommy?" That's why I make it a point to spend quality time with him whenever I can. My only consolation is that my kid is easy to please and easy to forgive. I'm sure your youngest has already forgotten the birthday parties you've not given her in the past. Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  1. Chris said...:

    hah.. my son is asking for a birthday party (football birthday party) on his upcoming birthday. let us see if mommy pressure will work! :)

    by the way, glad you decided to join us again this week!

  1. Cookie said...:

    Oh God, I'm always pressured everytime my eldest daughter's birthday is coming up, haha. My youngest is still a baby so no pressure on her yet :)

    Did you already post the pics on your child's birthday? Coz I would love to see it..

    Was here for MM. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

  1. Icar said...:

    good job Mommy MJ, I realized just recently that birthdays really calls for a celebration...I was on the point of not having a birthday party for my daughter when my husband confirmed that he cannot come home for it-but then I realized that birthdays are celebration of life and will be unfair to my daughter if we will not celebrate her 1st birthday party ever. So now everything's set up...I am an excited mom!

    late visit for MM!new follower here too...