Missy's Epidemic Badge

Friday, December 9, 2011
No, it's not a Girl Scout thing.

My youngest recently got a school badge for her academic results.

She was really proud to show it off, even calling it her "Epidemic" badge :-) Tee-hee.

Of course, the meaning of epidemic is not totally lost on me. An epidemic of Missy. Sure. It can happen. We are all suffering from it. Especially now that she's in that cute age of speaking her mind and saying whatever.

Spreading childhood cuteness at Mommy Moments this week.

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8 caring thoughts:

  1. Venus Layugan said...:

    wow, you must be a proud mommy!

    visiting from MM!


  1. tatess said...:

    I was thinking about epidemic and how she came up with the word until I see the picture of the academic badge .it's funny how kids use words,lol.

  1. Rcel said...:

    Wow! show off that pride Mommy for such a badge! I would be, too, if that's of my daughter! Galing galing!

    Visiting for MM! Hope you can visit our Mother-Daughter Time, if you get a chance! :)

  1. Icar said...:

    bravo Missy!it is really something to brag about and be proud of...

    visiting for MM...

  1. Epidemic! So cute!

    Hooray for Missy! :)

    Hopping from MM,


  1. Clarissa said...:

    Wow!Congratulations to your daughter,way to go dear!!!You must be a proud Mom!^_^

    Thank you very much for dropping by and for the comment at my post and I apologize for being late to visit you,been busy lately..

    Have a nice day!

  1. Chris said...:

    so glad you decided to join us again at Mommy Moments and congratulations to you too, you must be a proud mommy :D

  1. Tetcha said...:

    Way to go, Missy, and congratulations, Mommy!