One Small Step Into Emigration

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
I've never spoken about it before. Not out loud in public anyway. But the time has arrived for me to come clean. I hope that this story will enlighten the burden and clarify some issues for people who are travelling the same path we've undertaken ourselves.

This process has taken me over. Well, at least the last 3 years of my life. Our application is luckier than most. I know of some that have waited or are still waiting for their turn.

Our process started in mid-2009 when we made the decision to emigrate. It was just a conscious decision after accepting that life in South Africa is as it is. I am not an embittered South African. In fact, I am one who will say that South Africa has mostly been good to me. I have my ups and downs with the way of the country but have just realised that the future looks a bit bleak for my offsprings.

I suppose I just did not want to be stuck without a Plan B should anything go wrong.

So Plan B was to immigrate into Canada, which I think as I delved into the application much deeper, it started turning into Plan A.

I have no qualms to announce that after 23 months from the date of application, the Canadian Embassy has finally issued us our immigrant visas.

Our feelings cannot be fully expressed - but a mixture of excitement for the future and a fear of the unknown, all packaged in one, should suffice for now.

Note to readers: I hope to write more about my immigration journey, the ups and downs, tips (if any) in the next blog posts.

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  1. Chris said...:

    i pray that for God's wisdom and grace as you emigrate to another country :) do stay in touch! :D