Movie Watch: Ip Man 2

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You knew this was coming, didn't you?

I've always looked at sequels as a mere shadow of the original. And after all the praises that I recently showered on Ip Man, you'd think that I couldn't inundate much more on its sequel. Indeed, I never thought I could offer more myself. Until I saw Ip Man 2.

I wouldn't go as far as to say it was better than the original. But both films are definitely on par with each other. There is a slight feeling of glamour on the second one as the connection to Bruce Lee is highlighted slightly at the end of the movie.

Ip Man 2 follows Yip Man and his family's hardship as they try and settle in Hong Kong after fleeing from China. To make ends meet, Yip Man decides to open a martial arts school teaching the Wing Chun discipline. He is challenged by the local martial arts masters to pass an initiation process, where he shows his excellent ability to fight.

Because of this, Yip Man slowly gains respect. He becomes friends with the head of the local master, Hung. During a friendly match however, a British boxer named The Twister, challenges Hung to a fight and kills him. Yip Man moved by this, steps up to the plate and accepts a challenge to fight the Twister. The ending is expected, Yip Man once again proves that Wing Chun prevails all.

I especially loved the fight scene when Yip Man was on initiation. They did the fight on a round table and they were not allowed to step off the table. It was really a spectacular martial arts masterpiece when it came to choreography. (Which I found out later on that Sammo Hung directed).

So definitely another film to add to your weekend viewing.

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