VTT Postcard - Cape Town - Two Oceans Aquarium

Monday, April 16, 2012

We always seem to end up in an aquarium when we go for a family outing. Well, okay, if there is an aquarium in town, we are definitely there.

It was no different when we got to Cape Town. The Two Oceans Aquarium was on the agenda even before we arrived. I've planned it on the last days because I wanted to enjoy outdoor activities while the sun was shining. I have been told many times that Cape Town weather changes like a lady changes her mind, so I was saving the trip to the Aquarium for a rainy day.

And like mentioned before, that day was D-day. The weather was overcast in the morning and it had started to rain when we left the Nederburg Wine Estate. There was a bit of a queue at the aquarium when we got there but we were offered to use the online services if we were paying by credit card.

We got in and walked around and were treated to an array of sea animals. Big fish, small fish, and any other waterlife that you can think of. It was a trip more for the kids and my youngest really enjoyed the place.

I think it is still no match to Durban's Ushaka Marine World but the Two Oceans Aquarium can definitely hold its own when it comes to attractions.

For more information, visit the Two Oceans Aquarium website.

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