My Gift From Christmas

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Okay, so this post is way belated. I had not planned to actually even write anything about my gift as there was really nothing much to say about it except that I've been looking for something like it for a while and hubby and I happened upon it whilst looking around jewellery shops in December.

It was the last one in the shop. It was on sale. It was the right size. It was an anklet. And it was perfect. Bought my inexpensive and sentimental gift and have been wearing it everyday since.

Not to sidetrack, but I actually wanted to introduce the gift for another reason. My artsy eldest has recently taken up photography and have been taking pictures of inanimate objects with much candor. She has taken a picture of my gift and I must admit that she has made it a more spectacular item on film than it looks in real life.

Borrowed photo

The picture is taken with an excellent eye. But I suppose it is to be expected of someone with her art calibre.

Yes, so in all honesty, I am actually gushing about the photo (which is also on her photo blogsite, but I'll introduce that another time).

It was a great gift. Now it's captured in the blogosphere.

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