So I'm Leaving On A Jetplane With My Teddies

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Me and my teddies

Our trip to Victoria Falls marked the first time that my youngest rode on an airplane. One that she remembers anyway. She rode it once before but she was about a year old at the time so did not really remember the experience.

It was rather very exciting for her, and at the same time nervous as she tells me that she does not want the airplane to go down in flames. I reassured her a bit and told her to look at the safety instructions that the airplanes provide so she can familiarise herself with procedures should something like that happen. Of course, I did not think that anything bad will happen, I quickly added. It is just precautionary.

Follow the exits

I also let her bring some of her stuffed toy so she could have "company" to hold her hands.

She enjoyed learning about the ways of the "airplane" world and on our way back to Johannesburg, via an airplane again, she was quite comfortable and happy with the flight.

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  1. Missus Cee said...:

    my daughter likes reading (looking) the safety booklet when traveling too. :)