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Monday, August 6, 2012
I didn't really want to overload the family on the first day of our vacation. After all, this was a vacation, right?

So I actually only had plans to go to the Victoria Falls National Park in the morning and the afternoon was to be spent at the hotel. I squeezed in an appointment for hubby and I to go on a helicopter ride for an aerial view of the falls. I didn't include the kids as the price of the ride was slightly expensive. It costs US$130 per person, regardless of age. There was another ride offered for 25 minutes and that costs US$250 per person.

Our transfer came at 2.30pm sharp to take us for the ride. The helicopter base was just a throw's away from our hotel. We arrived and waited for a further 30 minutes to board the helicopter. There were a total of 6 passengers on the ride and the best seat for photos was on the passenger side of the pilot. We didn't get that spot but we still managed to capture the moment on film.

The 13-minute ride that we took was more than enough to see the Zambezi and the Victoria Falls scenes. To say that the view from above was magnificent was an understatement. I think I'll let the photos do the talking from here.

The Victoria Falls (waterfalls)

The Victoria Falls (full view)

The Victoria Falls (front view)

The Victoria Falls (with National Park on the right)

View from the Zambezi River, the cloud up ahead is where the waterfalls are

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