VTT - Zambezi Breakfast Drift

Monday, August 20, 2012
So this, out of the whole Victoria Falls planned activities, was the most boring one. I was supposed to have planned to do some white river rafting but hubby thought it too dangerous so we settled on canoeing instead.

This activity also had a very early morning start. We missed the hotel breakfast as we were going to have breakfast whilst canoeing. Our transfer arrived and we were whisked away to our venture point along the Zambezi River.

Our starting point was somewhere in the Upper Zambezi River. We were strapped with life vests while one of the guides gave us some safety briefings with regards the rules of the river - what to do if the canoe tips over, which the guide swears never happens. The canoes we had were Canadian canoes and they are known to be sturdy and stable. We were warned against putting our hands in the water. The river is serene but it houses many dangerous creatures. Crocs being one of them.

Our tour guides were also our canoe paddlers. The trip was early so that we could catch the sunrise while we were canoeing down the river. After which, we'd have some continental breakfast on one of the islands. The trip finishes just within sight of the spray of the Falls.

I must admit that the river is very boring on this activity. It was so calm and quiet. All we could enjoy were some birdlife and lizards that we saw on the river banks. Whilst on the canoe though, I was always pensive, watching the water for any signs of crocs and hippos. I suppose I should be happy that we never spotted any of these creatures, then I'd have to say that we had such a harrowing experience whilst canoeing.

My youngest and hubby also got the chance to paddle on the river. Youngest was so eager. I wonder if she'll take canoeing when we get to Canada?

The rest of the trip was uneventful. We finished about 3 hours later and we headed back into town to grab some lunch.

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