My First "Professional" Cut

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
So my husband got tired of being the resident barber. After many, many years since our wacky experience with cutting hair, hubby has put his foot down and decided that it's high time. Our youngest daughter, his little princess, deserves a hair salon cut now.

We made our way down to Bruma in Johannesburg (dubbed our local chinatown). Hubby had been having his haircut at one of the Chinese hair salons and he's decided to recommend them for youngest's first ever "professional" cut.

We were greeted at the door and after much funfare and hand signals, youngest was ushered onto a chair. Her hair was shampooed and washed. Youngest was a bit pensive. I think she was a little scared of what she would look like after.

The hairdresser then started pointing to several photos of hairstyles hanging by the ceiling at the back of the salon.

some of the style choices...we chose the 4th one on the left

The stylist snipped and chopped. And then it was time for blowdrying.

And voila! The end result! Not bad. All this for R50 ($6).

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