VTT - Elephant Back Safari

Monday, August 27, 2012

Of course the whole trip was memorable but nothing feels quite like a truly satisfied child.

In contrast to our early morning canoe trip, our afternoon elephant back safari experience that same day was amazing. My youngest was thoroughly beside herself with excitement, being so close to the elephants. We even got to pet a "domesticated" cheetah.

We arrived at the Wild Horizon Sanctuary and were treated to welcoming drinks. While waiting for the elephants to arrive, our host spoke of the ride and safety precautions we must take while mounted on the elephant's back.

Once the elephants arrived, we were introduced to each one and their history. The guests got excited and we were all given enough time for photo opportunities with the elephants.

After the photos, we were then led to the field where we prepared to mount the elephants. Hubby and eldest rode on one elephant, while youngest and I shared another. Our elephant, Tendai, was a mother elephant who was still nursing her kids. On our ride, Tendai's 2 baby elephants tagged along and were never too far away from us.

Our guide was very knowledgeable about all things elephant....and other things as well. We spoke about everything under the sun. The ride took an hour and we travelled all over the sanctuary, up and down, through some streams and tree branches. Youngest was taking everything in and loved every minute of it. She loved watching one of Tendai's baby, Ntombi, run around gathering branches for food. When thirsty, Tendai nursed her and made funny sounds underneath.

After the ride, we got to interact with the elephants. There were pellets ready for us to feed our elephants. We were briefly taught how to give the pellets to the elephants and off we went.

And if we thought that the day was over, we were wrong. We were visited by a "domesticated" cheetah and its trainer. More photo opportunities, goodie!

After all the events, we were taken to a viewing room where we viewed all the photos and videos taken of us. Youngest urged us to buy the video. And we acquiesced. It was, after all, a perfect day to remember.

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