Pay It Forward

Monday, September 10, 2012
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It was more than just the film. The movie was neither that bad nor exceptionally good. But somehow I think what actually struck me (and stuck with me) was the whole concept of asking a good deed to be repaid by having it done for others instead. It was quite the novel idea. And so the expression "pay it forward" became something of a motto in my life.

I've learnt early on that paying it forward does not mean helping out in just monetary terms. Thank God for this as I don't really have much money myself to uplive this motto if that were the case. Instead, it requires, at most, some time and kindness on my part.

I've learnt though that when I help others, I must never expect that the favour is returned. I would always hope afterwards that if I had helped someone, they would in turn help others.

Not that I've already helped many, many, many a soul. I'm no expert at this, even after many years with the motto. Sometimes when I extend assistance, I'm not really sure if I am helping someone or not. Is it really what they need in their life? Or is it just what they want to have at the moment?

Some would call it naivety. Because I've been depressed at times when helping others does not quite work out to the "pay it forward" system in my mind. I suppose I must just learn to accept as well that not every hand lent reciprocates the same way.

But I'm pressing on. I believe in this. Regardless how big or small, I've been a recipient of this gift many times over from wonderful people to stop believing that such a concept exists in the world.

There is a greater appreciation in helping others with something they cannot do for themselves.

There is a greater reward in not counting how many people you've helped along the way.

There is a greater happiness in knowing how your simple smile have brightened somebody's day.

I know it will never be enough. But my one good deed will bring forth three more and another three until (I hope) it makes an impact. This is the whole idea. Simple.

Have you ever paid it forward?

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