My Jazz And Me

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

There was just something about you. I knew we'd go well together the moment I laid eyes on you. Even when I drove you out from the Honda dealership, I knew we'd be well suited for each other. You were kitted in my favourite colour, you see. So I just knew.
For six years, you've been my companion in the morning when we ride to work, listening to the radio, having breakfast. You were my mate in the afternoon when we make our way home, facing the traffic head on. You protected and shielded me from the sun, the rain, the hail storms, the bird poo that fall from the sky, the garbage that the vehicle in front throws my way, the little stones that hit the windshield and your body........I trusted you to take me wherever I needed to go.
I loved you because you were MY ride. Not my husband's, not my family's, but ALL mine. Of course, we often carted the family along on our little adventures, but you were always referred to as MY car. And in that way, you were special to me.
However, the time has come for me to go and I cannot take you with me. It is with a heavy heart that I put you up for sale. My only consolation is that I find you an owner that will look after you and appreciate your many talents.
I hope that you will serve your new owners as well as you have served me. Bring them stability, safety, protection. I know you will not fail me in this regard, my faithful friend. And maybe one day, someday, I will see you on the streets of Johannesburg, still alive and kicking and putting your best mileage on the roads.

I bid thee farewell.

2 caring thoughts:

  1. kimmy said...:

    wow! congratulations to our new ride, girl!

  1. Jonalyn Quita said...: sad to let her's good she'll be of big help to others this time :)

    our family