Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Monday, October 15, 2012
It seems apt to use this paradox at a time like this.

The end of September marked the start of my farewell countdown. Well, I was always aware that there was not a lot of time left but I did not fully realise until I went to see some of my old colleagues for breakfast recently.
We had not seen each other for a while but have certainly not lost touch. We decided that my impending departure was as good as any occasion to meet and catch up. We spent a few hours and ended our tryst around lunch.
It just dawned on me that time is really flying now. I have to say my farewell as it might be some time before I see any of them again.

We have a couple of circles of family and friends so we'd have to plan our goodbyes in several parts.

Indeed, parting is such sweet sorrow, even among friends. I'll be keeping these memories until the next time we see each other again.


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