The Hula Girl On My Dashboard

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
It was bound to come out anyway.

I've always had the desire to be in theatres.

Even in my school days in the Philippines, I used to participate in various performances that were held yearly, be it dancing, singing and acting. People always thought that it was the singing that drew me to the theatres, but to tell you the was actually the make-up and the costumes.
No, no, need to deny it. I quite accept that fact that I'm a plain Jane. I was never into make-up as a girl although I loved being made up. I loved donning attires that were out of the ordinary. I loved the whole transformation that I go through after the effort is done. I suppose they just really appealed to my fantasy. Even to this day.
So on a recent occasion, when the family was invited to a Hawaiian luau party, I jumped at the chance to show off my love for costumes as I plotted and planned our "Hawaiian" outfit/getup weeks before the celebration. The whole family had to participate...I was "coordinating" after all. And as if that was not enough, I just couldn't resist dressing my youngest up in grass skirt. The result was astounding. She was a bit shy at first but afterwards, she really had that "hula girl on the dashboard" effect down perfectly.

My very own hula girl
Mommy and daddy were not so bad themselves. Daddy had on a normal Hawaiian shirt and mommy had a Hawaiian wrap-around. Pity that the weather was a bit cold that day so the jackets were on when photos were taken.

Personally, I love themed parties. I suppose they keep the theatric in me alive. Here's hoping we'll be having some more in the future.

What is your most recent dress up experience?

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