Death Of A Saleslady

Monday, October 8, 2012
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Who would've thought that I'd actually make any money out of my junk?

I'd never have known this since I hate, hate, hate selling and marketing. The most selling and marketing I've done was when I was studying for it during my CIMA journey.
So it was really quite a surprise that I ended up enjoying selling my secondhand goods.
After we received our PR visas to Canada, Operation "Moving On" was put into high gear. There were still so many things to do and prepare, there were still so many items to get rid of, there were still so many stuff to think about...
My first step was to go through our media collection (i.e. DVDs, CDs, etc.) and separated the items that were worth something and those that went on the box to the left (trash). I then moved onto kitchenware, electronics. Last of the lot was the big furniture and vehicles. Everything in the house was not spared. As long as it's got monetary value, it went into my SALE pile.
I put all my items on Bidorbuy (an auction website), Gumtree (a free listing website), Kalahari (an online marketplace) and even do personal emails to all my friends.

Of course, not every little junk was sold, but I'd say the whole exercise was a success. It helped with the budget a bit and I found I was not such a bad saleslady after all.

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