The Musings of a Self-Confessed Karaoke Queen Wannabe

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
At most Filipino parties and gathering I attend, even back in South Africa and now in Canada, one kind of entertainment that never ceases to be a favourite among the crowd is the karaoke machine.
I am certainly not one to shy away from this type of limelight. It’s an amusing, stress-releasing activity and for the most part, if done correctly, it is both encouraging and contagious. I always find that people are attracted to the karaoke, once they see that the “singers” are having fun. I, myself, certainly feel “invited to join in” when the surroundings are more supportive.
I always try to enjoy the song whilst singing. And even though I sing alone, I don’t feel that the karaoke is a solo act. There is always some discussion, loads of song choices almost to the point of indecisiveness, insignificant singing mistakes and tons of brilliant moments. You might say that because I carry a decent tune I’d feel like this – but I truly believe that there are no great or bad singers, only people who are brave enough to step up to the plate and take the mic.
It’s also a wonderful feeling to find your favourite songs on the karaoke. It is always hard to make that first song choice and a familiar tune can help a long way, almost like a comforting old friend. For my first song choice, I always, always dabble in my music collection of The Carpenters. Most notably, my preference always lands up between a toss-up between "Love Me for What I Am" or "Top of the World".
Most, if not all, Carpenters songs are a little low key for me but I love warming up to them as they slowly raise my pitch. I sound unrehearsed and slightly hoarse, certainly nowhere near the caliber of the legendary Karen Carpenter. But I know I’m gaining the confidence I need to tackle my next karaoke songs. I normally make my selections among Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand et al afterwards. Quite a tall order but since my voice gets very shrill and high-pitched at times, this is where I’m most comfortable. Am I sounding like a diva already? :-)
So next time you visit a Filipino jamboree, watch out for that lady who starts off by singing a Carpenters song….who knows, that might be me!?

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