Newcomer Stories: First Year

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
I am thankful that by some great design, our first year in Canada went by unassumingly quiet. It arrived softly in the morning and blended in with the stillness of the night as it left. There was no big hurrah or feast. Just a pat in the back (from me to me) that said "Hey, you made it".

Our first year was not without its challenges. There were many adjustments made with work life, school life, home life. I cannot stress enough that our life is not the same as what we had in South Africa. Canada certainly had its alluring qualities. However, now after a year, it definitely was showing some of its cracks.

But we are not here to differentiate between South Africa and Canada. There are differences, yes. Stark differences. But comparing is not the purpose of why we celebrate our first year. I would then have to throw sticks and stones at both countries that had and has been good to us, which I am not prepared to do.

The other thing, of course, is that if we wanted the same things, we would not have made the move in the first place.

The truth is....I feel glad having lasted a year. I am hopeful that I will get to my second year, and my third, and fourth until I lose count. I feel content enough that we've made the right move. I appreciate what we've accomplished during our first year so far. I look forward to more achievements in later years. I feel blessed that there are still those who continue to pray for us and our success.

You see, there will always be the good and the bad...and in between, is what we make of it.

Here's to my family and may the future shine brighter than ever for us.

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