Blame It on the Weathergirl

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Fancy me being the weathergirl

Who could forget the ditzy blonde that Amanda Seyfried portrayed on Mean Girls? If you've seen the movie, then you'd know what I'm talking about. That girl could predict weather with a certainty just by touching her breasts.

Now I don't profess to have the same kind of freakish, accurate ability but I think I've got something that could come close. Over almost 2 decades, I've found something quite nifty with my C-section scar.

Whenever the chance of rain was high for a particular day, I would get this weird itchy sensation around my scar area. And for a few hours, the itchiness stayed with me until the raindrop fell.

Now I know that this experience is nothing new and that most people with scars probably get this feeling. But what's amazing is that it never failed me. While in South Africa, I could predict the rain 80% of the time, like a regular weathergirl.

However, since coming to Canada, I've found that my predictions have started to go wonky. In our recent winter rain/snow storm spell in Ontario, I always felt "the itch" but it was never guaranteed that the wet works would come. Instead, I've realised that my itch can't differentiate between the super cold, the rain and the snow and so my signal is off now.

Maybe the itch is just acclimatising. I certainly hope so. I can't seem to shake the feeling that I've lost my mojo somehow....

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