Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I love ripple effects, you know. I suppose you can say that I love when the ripple effect reaches me and I ripple along to the rest of the world.

#100HappyDays is no different. It's been rippling on the web for some time now. I heard about this project on the internet and found the concept enlightening, to say the least. 100 photos of what makes one happy is by no means an easy feat. It says on the website that 71% of participants do not finish the task, citing lack of time as the main reason. This makes me sad that people would become so busy to not be able to capture their happy moments. I hope I make it to the end. I want to remain happy....with photos reminding me what made/makes me happy.

To find out more and join in, visit this site which explains more.

Below are some of  my #100HappyDays posts. I'm already about 3 weeks into my #100HappyDays regime. My #100HappyDays pics are shared on other social media sites (i.e. Instagram, Facebook) but I will post some updates here from time to time. It won't hurt to share my happy moments all over the place anyways. God knows I've been THAT forgetful. You know that feeling of not remembering where you've left your house keys, right?

To follow my happy days, just look for #mjdotcom


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