Fall For My Favourite

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I may be a few seasons behind with this post but I just wanted to reiterate how much I really love fall and all its golden-brown-hue glory.
In previous countries I've lived before, there was really no such season to speak of. Fall was just something we studied in school but never really got to see in action. I've been to a lot of summers and some mild winters. And sure, in South Africa, there's that ambiguous phase in between winter and spring that's neither too cold, too hot, but windy and rainy all in one go. But something that wishy-washy can hardly count as an authentic fall season.
I've determined long ago after seeing autumn photos that it was going to be favourite season, regardless if I had never truly experienced one yet. To me, the season seemed magical and inspired. It's vibrant reddish-brown tone on everything was infectious and fiery, yet I feel warmth and a calming serenity just by looking at the surroundings.
Fall 2013 came and went. It was as lyrical as I imagined it would be.
It's a pity that winter came early and so it cut short my first fall season in Canada by about 4 weeks premature. Too awed by the wonder, I did not get enough photos of the magnificent scenery that encircled me each day.
But there will always be next time to capture more of its moments. And now, I can hardly wait for it to swing by again.
Does any other season make you feel the same way?

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