Wanna Get Lost in the Maize Maze?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last autumn, I was enthused to purchase tickets to go visit the Cooper's CSA Farm and Maze in Zephyr, Ontario when I saw that they had a giant labyrinth at their location. I thought to myself, "Hmm, this could be fun!" and so hauled the whole family along.

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Each year, Cooper's features a different shape for the maze. For 2013, the giant maze was shaped like the logo of the Toronto Blue Jays (baseball) team. Although from the ground, the cornfield didn't look like much.

It was tough to see how we could immerse ourselves in such simple surroundings, but got lost we did. And it was really easy. The corn stalks looked pretty much the same from left to right, front to back...and of course, not knowing where North and South were didn't help my case one bit. We just had to make one wrong turn and we would unknowingly be going nowhere slowly. We relied on the clues that were on the path to guide us. It took us at least an hour to finally figure it out and find our way out.

 After conquering the maze, we went onto the pumpkin patch. Never in my life have I seen so many pumpkins on the ground. I mean, what better way to spend fall than with a couple of jack-o-lantern-wannabe, right? From my understanding, the pumpkins were for sale. but we weren't really big pumpkin eaters so photos were all we took.

There is an abundance of kids' activities to be had. My youngest jumped on the round hay bales lying around the farm. She fed grass and twigs to some farm animals. She played on the tractor-converted slide. Just like all the other kids in the place.

We toured the farm via a 45-minute tractor wagon ride with a small group of visitors and one of the owners.
It turned out to be a good fall outing.
For more info on the farm, check out their website.

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