Trick Or Treat Springs Up

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
No, it's no April Fools joke. I am indeed posting a Halloween story in April.

Since I keep insisting on the wrong season here, talking about loving fall at first sight and spending it with pumpkins on my previous posts, allow me to just continue on. Our fall activity antics included Halloween Day. Or Night, since it all happened at sundown, anyways.

Halloween was never really celebrated that much in the Philippines nor in South Africa. For those of you who don't know, last year was our first full year in Canada and so it was a real "treat" for us to experience proper Halloween for the first time.

Never truly understood how excited kids get until I saw my kids in their costumes that day. They went off to school in costumes. And in the afternoon, there was a touch-up make-up session in preparation for the trick-or-treating.

The adults dressed up in costumes as well, but the kids had the biggest kick out of the whole thing. Trick or treat started at around 6pm and although it rained, the kids didn't mind walking around the neighbourhood one bit. They came back with goodies galore - chips, chocolates, sweets, you name it - enough to last them a few years.

Youngest and her goodies

For that day, my youngest was Skelita Calaveras, a Monster High character. I was a "sort of" witch with a big mole in the face. And my eldest, who looked like the Easter Bunny of Halloween in my opinion, was a white polar bear or so she says.

Oh, what an amusing night it was. So vividly captured in my mind!

Do you remember much about your last Halloween?

Me, the odd witch

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