The Bread and Honey Festival

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Bread and Honey Festival parade

I first heard the words "bread and honey" on a notice that I saw on my FB wall from a page that promoted events happening in Mississauga. It's a pity I didn't understand what it all meant then. Else I would have planned better and experienced the whole festival better. I casually scrolled down and the notice flowed out of my sight and mind.
You see, if not by chance, we would not have witnessed The Bread and Honey Festival at all.
I really should thank my lucky stars (or must I say the shining sun since it happened in the morning?) that hubby and I decided to wake up early that day and go garage sale hunting. On our way back home, we couldn't get past the road blocks. Lucky again, since if we weren't stopped, we would not have stumbled on the parade and decided to stay on.
This year, the festival was on the first weekend of June. The Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival celebrates the founding of the village. You see, Streetsville used to be a village before it was incorporated into a town in 1962. According to Wikipedia, it was amalgamated with other villages to form the town of Mississauga in 1968. And is now a suburb when Mississauga became a city in 1974.
I wish my kids were with us that day. I'm pretty sure they would've enjoyed seeing the community coming together. But there is always next year.
For more info, check out their website.

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