What The....Instagrammit!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I blog regularly or at least I try to. So you would think that I love words, right?
Well, to be frank, it's a yes and a no.
I do love writing stuff, sharing viewpoints, relating to the next person....there are times though that I feel I'm not making much sense but I write on anyways.
Other times, well.....I think there's something novel about getting messages across without uttering a single word. Most people do this with pictures. And I'm no different.
My weapon of choice is Instagram. All I needed to have was a smartphone (with a camera) and day-to-day normal subjects (that were really all around me). Instagram appealed to me because it was real-time and instant (as the name would suggest :-)) Plus because of my undiagnosed OCD, I seem to really go for its standard square shape on any picture.
Anyway, I must confess that I am no photography buff. My earlier photos on Instagram were a hit or a miss. Although I do try and put more effort into taking nicer photos nowadays.
But I digress. I did not want to blog a lot but I see I'm now on my 6th paragraph. I can't seem to help myself. Maybe I am more of a word-maniac than I let on? I actually just wanted to show an Instagram photo and write a couple of words that best describe it.
After all, who doesn't love reflecting on photos that say it all with just the shot angle and the subject's look?
Okay, okay. Let me restrain myself, I can't seem to stop blogging. I'm posting the Instagram photo NOW. All I wanted to say about it was.....
Don't you agree?
Youngest walking home from school

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